Be grateful for the wind

January 14, 2018

“It’d be easier to skydive without all that wind trying to push me around,” I said to my jump master.

“No, it wouldn’t,” he said. “Without the wind, you wouldn’t be able to move around at all. If you didn’t have resistance, you wouldn’t be able to fly your body. That’s what the wind is there for—to push against.”

It’s easy in our lives to think that we’d be so much happier without that problem, that situation, those people disturbing our peace. What a bother, we think. Why can’t my life just be calm and serene, peaceful, with no interruptions and bothersome events?

Sometimes, resistance is necessary. While it’s important to live in a calm, nurturing environment, sometimes resistance is essential to our growth. Take a moment. Look at how your problems have shaped you into who you have become.

When problems and challenges arise, they force us to examine our ideals, become alert, and often learn something new about others and ourselves. Even our enemies, rivals, and competitors give us something to push against. They help us define who we are and challenge us to become our best.

Instead of complaining and grumbling about that problem or circumstance, thank it for being there. Right now, this moment, the resistance in your life is giving you something to push against.

Be grateful for the wind. You need it to learn to fly.

God, help me be grateful for all the problems and circumstances in my life. Help me remember that you’re teaching me to fly.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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