Be Not Afraid – Day 2

December 04, 2018

“Make a list of your fears,” a man said to his friend.

“I can’t,” his friend said. “I’m too afraid to look.”

Application: Sometimes fear warns us of impending danger, like when we’re about to get hit by a car. Other times it startles us, like when we hear a loud noise. Or it makes our heart race and our breath go away during an anxiety attack. Or it dwells beneath the surface, making us cold, restrained, controlling, or mean. Sometimes what we don’t know is what scares us. Other times our past experiences create terror. We dwell on possibilities and create fear in our mind. Fear usually feels cold and makes us tense. As soon as we recognize that fear is there, it’s time to look at it so we can find our way back to peace.

From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

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