Be Not Afraid – Day 3

December 05, 2018

There are many kinds of fear. For example, when fear warns us of danger, we heed the warning, and thank fear for being our friend. On the other hand, fears that we’re not conscious of can be a problem. We may not know we’re afraid, but our actions are motivated by fear.

Some people can’t just feel the fear and let it go, as experts suggest. We feel it, but the letting go part doesn’t work. The fear goes on and on. We’re facing our fear, but we’re not winning. The fear dominates us.

Some people who struggle with chronic anxiety need to seek professional help, which can be a valid step toward peace. And remember what C. S. Lewis said: “Grief can feel like fear.”

It can be challenging to determine which fears we need to face.

Challenge: Fear feeds on itself. It can convince us that fear-based actions are the appropriate course. But the hardest thing about fear isn’t fear. It’s taking the time and effort to restore ourselves to peace and then knowing when to be brave.

From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

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