Become Amazed at What You See

November 08, 2016


We were on a trip through the Southwest when we turned around a bend in New Mexico. Lake Albiquiu, the sign said.

The campground was seated on a bluff overlooking a large man-made lake. We decided it was so beautiful we’d camp there for the night.

We selected just the right spot to give us the best view of the sun rising in the morning. We wanted to see the light hit the red rock cliffs in the distance.

Hiking around the edge of the bluff, we found a tiny cactus bursting with bright red flowers sitting in the shade of a windblown tree.

We sat for a while then scrambled down to the water and sat on a big rock that jutted out into the lake.

We swam. The water was cold, but refreshing, and the early summer sun felt good on our skin.

Later we cooked supper on the little gas stove. “Should we set up the tent?” I asked, eager to see the new tent set up in the wilderness. “The weather is nice,” my friend said. “Let’s just throw our bags on the ground and sleep out.”

That was an idea! I had never slept under the stars before.

We lay there in the gathering darkness and watched as one by one the stars softly glowed into view. I closed my eyes and dozed.

Moments later, a bird sang a goodnight song from a nearby tree, and I opened my eyes to see a blanket of stars overhead. The Milky Way cut a path through the night sky, and there were so many unfamiliar stars that I could hardly distinguish the constellations I knew.

I didn’t want to close my eyes; I didn’t want to miss a moment of this incredible sight.

Camping in a state park may not count to some of the hard-core wilderness folks. But we each have different levels of freedom in our lives.

Freedom means tasting new things, having new experiences, and pursuing our dreams no matter how small they might be.

Recapture the magic of a time in your life when everything was new and amazing. Discover what’s possible for you. Then be amazed at what you see.

God, give me a sense of the possible in my life. Then help me be amazed at just how beautiful life can be.

From the desk of Melody Beattie
Originally posted December 10, 2014

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