July 15


Sometimes I can almost hear God saying, “What did she just say?”

Inventory Focus: Are you rushing through or skipping prayer and meditation time? Are people in your life ask­ing where you are, even though you’re in the room with them when they ask? Are you so focused on an outcome that you’ve forgotten to enjoy each step along the way? Do you have so many things to do that you’re doing them all at once and not getting anything done? We receive from life what we put in, unless we’re pouring our energy into a black hole. Are you getting what you want out of your relationships, work, and leisure time? How much of you are you investing?

July 14

Most of us want what we don’t have, including being somewhere other than where we are. “Someplace else would be better,” we think. Sometimes we’re not present because we genuinely don’t like where we are or whom we’re with—and being present would bring that reality home. Fear, anxiety, guilt, and other unresolved emotions from the past can block our ability to be present now

Living in the present moment doesn’t just mean show­ing up and thinking. It involves slowing down and moving down, into our heart.

Challenge: The hardest part about being here now, wherever that is, is that sometimes it hurts. The good thing about it is, if we’re present for each emotion, we’ll be present when joy conies around too.

July 13: Time to Seek Shelter

There’s a saying that a boat may be safe when it’s in harbor, but that isn’t what boats were made for. But let’s not forget the value of safe harbors either. A wise sailor knows the limits of each boat and will seek shelter if the weather becomes more than it can bear.
Seeking out new experie…

July 12: Time to Focus

I was getting ready to make a skydive. I had a lot going on at the time problems with construction workers, some phone calls I needed to make.

“Put it all aside for right now,” Andy, my jump master, said. “The only thing in the world you’re going to focus on for the next hour is the skydive you’re going to make. You don’t want to be jumping out of that plane with other stuff going on in your mind.”

I did what he said. I deliberately pushed aside all other thoughts of people, what they were feeling, what I had to do, and how they were going to respond.

“That’s one of the benefits of skydiving,” Andy said. “It’s really taught me to focus my mind.”

Sometimes we get interrupted. Sometimes it’s good to let our consciousness flow and our minds wander. Sometimes it’s time to focus on one task and let other cares and ideas slip away. We have so much power in this marvelous world. One of the powers available to us is dedication, commitment, and focus on the task at hand.

Learn to focus on one thing you want to do. If you’ve been struggling with and procrastinating about something, make a commitment to focusing on that task until it’s done.

God, help me learn to focus my energies on the essential tasks at hand.

July 11: When it isn’t Right

Not all doors that open up are good for us to walk through. Sometimes, we’re in that dark corridor, and no doors or windows are open. Then, a crack of light appears. We get an offer – for a job, for a relationship, for a place to live. Our gut goes off. We know this isn’t right for us. If we weren’t desperate, we wouldn’t consider it.

You’re not desperate. Even if you are, act as if you aren’t. if it s not right for you, it s not right for you. Back off—even though you may be burning with impatience and desperation.

You don’t have to do anything that’s not right for you.

God, grant me a spirit of serenity and patience. Help me take a moment before making any decision to ask for guidance first.

July 10: The Open Door

Sometimes, doors close in our lives. No matter how badly we want something, no matter how hard we’ve tried, no matter how much we want to pursue a particular course in our lives, the universe says no.
Many years ago, I wanted passionately and desperately to write a book on codependency. All twenty publishers I queried said the same thing: No. Some said it politely. Some said it by refusing to respond at all. That door just wouldn’t open up, no matter how hard I pushed.

One publisher came back with a counteroffer. “We don’t want the book on codependency” the editor said. “But how about writing something for us on denial why people do it, what part it plays in their lives, and how they can become more aware and accepting of reality.”

I accepted the offer. I needed the work. But I wasn’t thrilled. I diligently did my research and wrote the manuscript. About a year later, that same publisher came back to me and asked me to write the book on codependency. I pulled out all my notes and research, including a large notebook in which I had jotted down all my ideas and questions on the subject. As I went through this notebook, I noticed a question written in such large letters it took up the entire page: “What about denial what part does this play in codependency?” I had written on the next page: “Why do people do it; how can they stop? Help me understand,” I had written, almost as a prayer.

I reused the denial concepts in my codependency book. I had long forgotten about my question to the universe. But God hadn’t.

Sometimes when doors shut, it’s because we’re not ready to walk through the one we want. Maybe the door that’s open in your life is the one you need to walk through. Go ahead, step in. Look around. It might not appear to be as exciting as the one you’d hoped would open, but maybe it’s exactly where you need to be.

Are you trying to push through a doo± that’s dosed in your life? Make life easier on yourself. If you’ve diligently tried to open a door and it s not budging, look around. Push on a few other doors. See which one opens.

Then walk through that one.

God, help me trust your timing in my life. Help me understand that sometimes you know more about saying when than I do.

May 31: When it’s Time to Get things Done

Yesterday we talked about using deadlines to help ourselves let go. Self-imposed deadlines can also be a way to focus our energy on a task, especially one we’ve been putting off.

“I’m going to get up and have the house cleaned by 1O:00 A.M.” “I’m going to lock myself in the house and have this report written in two days.” “I’m going to get the yard cleaned up by the end of the week.”

There are many times in life when it’s appropriate and healthy to listen to our internal clock about what to do and when to do it. Going with the flow can be a spiritual process, but there are other times when it’s helpful to use self- imposed deadlines to help us get the job done.

Do you need to set a deadline for yourself?

God, help me set appropriate deadlines for myself