Cultivate awareness

August 07, 2018

Often the words “consciousness” and “awareness” are used interchangeably. . . . Consciousness is the pulsing vibration that is the essence of all things. Awareness is the individuating “I AM” in each of us. Wherever I am, my awareness is also. When I move, my awareness goes with me. When I focus my awareness on something, I perceive that thing. Through my physical sensory organs I am aware of sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch. Through higher sensory perception I am aware of much more.
— Enid Hoffman 

Use all your senses, whether you are visualizing the future or sinking into a joyful awareness of where you are right now. Don’t just look at the flower—touch it. Smell it. Feel it.

Don’t just gaze at the people in your life. Hear them. Feel their power and presence.

Slow down. Don’t move so fast. You’ll miss important things. Cultivate awareness. Bring your senses, all of them, into the heart of your life.

Awareness isn’t about looking. It’s about seeing with more than our eyes. Often when we look for a thing, whether it’s a home or a girlfriend, all we can see is our projections—our hopes, fears, past, and desires.

Relax. Stop projecting yourself onto the world. Let go of judgments. Let things and people be what and who they are.

Cultivate awareness by using all your senses.

Learn to see what is.

God, help me slow down and become aware.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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