Don’t Pick Up Energy That’s Not Yours

July 04, 2017

Young woman showing her denial with NO on her hand

I walked into the small-town diner and sat down at the counter. I was the only customer, but the waitress ignored me. I waited while she sat in a booth, reading the paper. Finally, she lowered the paper. “Is there something you want?” she barked from across the room.

By the time I left the restaurant, I felt as crabby as the waitress appeared. It took a while to figure out what happened, what had changed my mood. Then I realized I had picked up her negative energy—feelings that had nothing to do with me. It was like someone had splashed my windshield with mud.

Most of us have crabby days and an abundance of our own feelings to deal with. We don’t need to let others splash their negative energy on us. We don’t need to pick it up and carry it around. If someone splashes your windshield with mud while you’re driving down the road, what do you do? You wash it off and go on your way.

Learn to tell when what you’re feeling is your emotions, and your business. Learn to tell when someone has splashed on you. You don’t have to take responsibility for what’s not yours. Be done with it as quickly as possible.

Thoughts are energy. Crabby thoughts and crabby emotions can be like mud. If someone splashes you, wash off your windshield, send them a blessing, and go on down the road.

From the desk of Melody Beattie
Originally posted December 8, 2014

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  • Simply Love

    There could not have been a more perfect time to read this! What a refreshing reminder… that we don’t have to be miserable if someone we love is having a miserable moment.

  • Cheri Johnson

    Love this. Needed to hear it and had to follow this advice yesterday.