Melody Beattie Word Search Puzzle – 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact #11

Solve the Word Search Puzzles by finding and circling all words on the list. The leftover letters in the puzzle form a Mystery Sentence — a message from a Melody Beattie book.


  1. Solve the puzzles online or click PDF to print and solve them on paper. Word Search is compatible with Mac or PC and works with most browsers. If the program doesn’t load or function correctly, try using a different browser.
  2. In the puzzle, find and circle each word in the list to the puzzle’s left. Words may appear forwards or backwards and horizontally, vertically or diagonally in either direction. Circled words may intersect; using the same letter in multiple answers.
  3. If the circle appears red instead of blue, the letters circled are incorrect. You may have circled the wrong word or too many (or not enough) letters. To undo the red circle(s), click “Check” (underneath the puzzle).
    • WARNING: If you click Start Over (under the puzzle) or the blue arrow in front of Start Over, all circled answers disappear — even correct ones.
  4. You can save the puzzle and return to it later by clicking Save (under the puzzle). Don’t let the puzzles deceive you; they may be more challenging than they look.
  5. When you’ve correctly circled all words in the list, the Mystery Sentence appears in all the leftover (not circled) letters in the exact order they appear in the puzzle, moving from left to right and top to bottom. If you solve the puzzle online, you may want to keep track of the leftover letters on paper in the order they appear in the puzzle. Hint: the leftover letters that form the Mystery Sentence may be easier to spot if you click Solution (the one underneath PDF).