Guidance – Day 1

December 04, 2017

I explained a dilemma to a friend. “I just don’t know what to do about it,” I said.

“That’s because you haven’t been shown a solution yet,” he said.

Before I could get out of treatment, I had to get a job. I scoured the town, applied for every job possible, did everything I could think of to do. Nothing opened up. Finally, after a month of job hunting, I had run out of ideas. I was standing on a corner waiting for the bus, when I heard it, clear as a bell. It was a thought, but not my own.

“Turn around.”

I did. There was a stairway leading to a second-floor law firm. I had a history, tumultuous as it was, of working in law firms. But it never occurred to me to even try to get a job as a legal secretary. I was in treatment in a state hospital. I had a criminal record. Although I was making every effort to clean up my life, I didn’t consider myself a desirable employee because of my past.

“Go upstairs. Ask to talk to the owner of the firm. Tell him you want a job.”

“This is insane,” I thought, climbing the stairs.

I talked to the owner of the firm. It turned out he had a family member with an alcohol problem. He understood. He also said he had been thinking about hiring another secretary, but hadn’t gotten around to advertising yet. Two weeks later, he called. I got the job. Not only did it pay more money than any of the other jobs I had applied for, it was better suited to my skills. This story is only one of dozens and dozens of such experiences where divine guidance helped me take important steps in my life.

Divine guidance may come as a message from a friend. It may be inspired by a book, movie, or TV show. It may be an idea that quietly occurs to us. Sometimes it’s as simple as sorting out the next small step to take. Or it may be more vivid, almost as though the angels are talking directly to us.

Value: Asking for and accepting guidance—and trusting it to be there for us when we need it—is the value this week.

From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

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