Guidance – Day 3

December 06, 2017

I’ll admit it. I do forget to ask for guidance—until I’ve worn myself out. Or I take action before I seek guidance. And when I find myself in the midst of a mess, asking for guidance doesn’t occur to me. We all do this and it is understandable, considering that to survive, we may have had to figure things out on our own, because we could not depend on others.

There have been times when I felt that guidance has gotten me into a mess; other times I feel that self-will has. When my son died, I was so angry at God that I didn’t want to ask for guidance. Not only did I not want the problem, I didn’t want guidance getting through it.

It’s always appropriate to ask God what to do next, whether we’re in the midst of a mess, or headed toward one; whether we feel like we’ve created the mess, or the problem is too petty to solve. It’s especially wise to ask God for guidance when we’re all alone, with no help, and feel abandoned by God too.

Challenge: For me, the hardest thing about guidance is that no matter how many times I’ve asked for guidance and received it, I’m always afraid it won’t be there for me in the future. We need to remember we’re never alone.

From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

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