New Website Grand Opening

May 05, 2016

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my new site. I’m sorry to report that much of the content from the Make Miracles and the Grief Club sites was lost in the ethers during the transition from my previous webmaster to the firm handling my online presence now.

It looks different here but change is good.  Right? As an acquaintance once said, “The only thing more frightening than change is everything staying the way it was.

Because I’m continuing to study screen writing (and working on a script), I won’t be on the site as much as before but I will continue to write blogs and stay in touch.

I have things to share that I’ve learned in my absence: the new cure for Hepatitis C (that worked) and losing my right kidney (if anyone finds it, please let me know). On a serious level, it was frightening but being surrounded by love, along with a great doctor, was the cure.

I’ve had victories, disappointments, insights, struggles and a tremendous spiritual experience. There’s so much I want to share. But my priority now is continuing to climb the next mountain in my writing life.

I underestimated how demanding this form of writing is and how much I needed to learn. Underestimating difficulties has been my Achilles Heel most of my life but that’s not all bad.

Had I known how difficult many tasks are, I might not have tried.

For a while, I forgot to be happy while climbing the next mountain but no more. Being challenged, overcoming, learning and growing can be fun — if we let ourselves enjoy it. We’re never too young or too old to set and achieve new goals and enjoy the ensuing process.

If this is your first time to my site, “Welcome.”  If you’re an old friend returning, a warm welcome to you too.  The daily meditation app is repaired; we’ve added new links.  You’ll find new apps and more information as we go.  Have fun exploring.

I like the new web team that created and will maintain the site: eVision Media.   They’re good people; they work hard.  They’re in Canada; they’re nice. (And there’s nothing wrong with that.) If you experience difficulties on the site, please contact them. They’ll either fix it or help trouble-shoot the problem.

I like the new look and I enjoy remembering to be happy.

I hope you like it, too.

From the Desk of Melody Beattie.

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