Radio Show Coming Up

October 18, 2011

Some of you have asked me to let you know before instead of after-the-fact when and where I’m going to make an appearance.  Thought I’d  let you know that next week  — Wednesday, October 12  at 4:00 o’clock pm Eastern Time; 1:00 pm Pacific —  (add two hours to Pacific if you’re in Minnesota), I’ll be visiting with Dr. Jennifer Howard on her radio show, “A Conscious Life.”

Her show’s goal is to help  listeners take charge of their lives.  It holds the promise of being a good interview as Dr. Howard is a real pro and cares about what she does — and I’m raw as all get out.  Never can tell what might happen.

It would also give me the opportunity to connect with you using our voices for a change.  If you have time, tune in.  Just click here to to join us:  Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Besides, it will help  make up for all the blogs I’ve missed lately.  Thinking about doing some on boundaries and more on standing up for ourselves.  Have you seen what one woman did by speaking up?  She has a Petition ready for Bank of America stating how customers feel about the threatened extra charge for using a debit card.  Crazy.

The bank will make millions off from this one small charge — one small charge that means a lot when the budget is tight.  Bank of America may or may not pay attention, but it (the Petition) sends a message to the other banks that are considering it too.

If this keeps up, we’ll need quarters to use the restrooms on airplanes before long.  It’s time for the buck to stop here.  Literally.  With each of us.   Okay — back to the paperwork, but join us next week if you can.

Melody Beattie

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