Remember to Be Happy

August 28, 2018

Remember to Be Happy

The sign hangs on the wall of a bagel shop: “Don’t forget to be happy.”

Sometimes we get so bogged down in dealing with feelings, issues, problems—the realities and details of our lives—we forget to be happy. Often happiness can be ours if we just remember to be happy.

Joy is a choice—a deliberate, conscious choice. That choice is available to us each day. Our joy isn’t controlled by others or by outward circumstances. Joy comes from a deeper place, a place of security within ourselves. It’s an attitude, not a transitory emotion.

Remember to be kind. Remember to be loving. Remember
to feel all your feelings and to take care of
yourself. But most of all, remember to be happy.

From the desk of Melody Beattie
Originally posted January 7, 2015

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