Say what your intentions are

April 13, 2017

Have you ever done anything deliberately to hurt someone, to get even with that person, or to gain revenge? Have you ever done anything subconsciously with intentions that weren’t noble?

“I dated a woman for three months,” Kent said. “It took me that long to realize that I was simply getting even with my last girlfriend, who had broken up with me. I used this woman as a tool for revenge and a way to get even with my ex. I felt horrible when I realized what I had done.

But when I looked more deeply, I saw that my relationships were a series of attempts at getting revenge and retribution. I never took time out to feel and clear my anger from the last relationship that hadn’t worked.”

Intentions are a powerful force. They combine desire, emotion, and will. They’re stronger and more powerful than wishes or simple desires. They can be a profound force in our lives and in the lives of people we touch.

Take a moment before entering a situation. Examine what your true intentions are. Do you have a motive, an agenda, a strong expectation involved? Have you been as clear as possible with yourself, and with whomever else is involved, about what you really expect and want? Or are you operating with a hidden agenda, hoping that if you force your will long enough, you’ll get your way?

Ask God to show you the intentions of the people you’re involved with. Sometimes they don’t know, themselves. Sometimes they do, but they’re not telling you. In those circumstances, you’re being set up for a manipulation and possibly some pain.

Be clear on your intentions. And stay as clear as possible on what other people want from you.

God, bring to light my intentions and motives, and the intentions and motives of those with whom I interact.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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  • Tedo Ronk

    Guilty ! But no longer will I do any of these things . Thanks to you’re writings iv been able to sort out the players nondisclosure’s and those who just aren’t right or ready for a relationship thanks MB PS never have i been in a relationship to hurt someone or for revenge!

  • Christina Soto

    As always, when I need it most, your meditations never disappoint. I am both guilty of this, and have become increasingly frustrated trying to play God and figure out what people’s intentions are. I need to get out of God’s way, and let him show me what he needs to show me, both for myself and others. <3

  • jeri

    I haven’t done this but I am getting angry at people who think they can yell at me. My family that is. It is what we learned growing up dysfunctional. Scream then say your sorry. I’m tired of their behavior So just recently started standing up for myself. I usually just said f-k off after their tantrums. Now when I respond I’m called politically correct. Ha ha ….I can’t be around them. I’d tried numerous times because I miss family. But I’m now the scapegoat.n

    • Hi, Jeri. If it’s any consolation, I hate being yelled at too. I grew up in a home where screaming at people was the norm…I won’t be around it anymore. It fractures my soul, far more than not being around “family.” I need to be around love and INDOOR voices.

      • jeri

        Your right