Listen to Melody Speak

Listen as Melody

tells the story

of her recovery

(recorded in California June 2011)


Melody talks about her book, Making Miracles in Forty Days on WEBE Radio. In this interview, she guides listeners step by step in harnessing the power that we forgot we had to find out where we want to go in life, and how to get there. How to remain grateful and where our unchecked codependency traits can still show their ugly heads and take us back to that negative way of thinking many of us spent years in and more years working out of. The real key is disciplining our thinking and remaining grateful for everything, all the time, and that is no small task.

Melody’s Latest Release

Signed Bookplates

To have your book or books signed by Melody, follow these simple steps:

1. Write your request and include the following information on a piece of paper:

* Number of bookplates needed;

* Name of the book or books the signed bookplates are going into;

* First name of the person each book is for, whether it’s you, a friend, or family member. If you don’t know who you’re giving the book to, just write “No Name Needed” instead;

*  If you know what you want her to write for a greeting, include that. If you want Melody to write her own message, write “Melody can choose the greeting.” Then, include a few sentences to help Melody understand what to write. For instance if the person the book is for is going through a difficult experience, celebrating a special event, or trying to learn a new behavior, write that. Maybe you or someone needs validation or inspiration–write that. Or describe the nature of your relationship, such as “it’s for my sponsor.” You can be brief but doing this will help her know what to write.

2. Address an envelope to yourself and put one postage stamp on it. Use your address as the return address, too.

3. Mail your completed Bookplate Request and the stamped, self-addressed envelope in an envelope addressed to the address below. Be sure to put a stamp on both envelopes: the envelope you’re mailing, and the envelope that will be mailed back to you.

4. Attach the plate When your envelope comes back, remove the signed bookplate (2″ x 3″ sticker) signed by Melody, peel off the backing, and attach the bookplate anywhere you want in your book.


16133 Ventura Blvd Ste520
Encino, CA 91436

Because Melody isn’t traveling for booksignings anymore, this is her way of saying “thank you” for your loyalty throughout the years.




Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Ask for as many bookplates as you want.

DO NOT send your books. When you put your sticker inside your book, it will look exactly like Melody autographed it in person.