The Return of The Grief Club Community

January 02, 2017

The Grief Club community website

The Grief Club site – and community – is alive and well.

The site was lost a year or so ago.  It’s back with a new look and platform for people who want support because they’ve lost someone or something they love or value.

Content’s been updated. You’ll find some new information and a space for articles and daily inspiration. It’s a work in progress – just like us.

Whether the world ranks your loss big, medium or small – or if the loss happened to someone else and you want to know how to help – the site may have answers and support.

You can stay on the outside, using public content. Or you can become a member (Members Only Section) and participate in the forums.

There’s no dues, fees, costs (hidden or otherwise) or agendas. Your email address will not be used by anyone, including me. No mailings; I promise. If you’re visiting the Grief Club, you’ve already paid a big enough price by whatever loss got you there.

The membership registration is for your protection, keeping the forums a safe place to post and comment.

The only requirement for membership is this: By using the site, you commit to not causing physical harm to yourself or anyone else. You also agree to hold the site harmless for your actions.

The public section of this site offers anonymous true stories about different losses. Inside is a place to give and receive support with others experiencing similar losses.

Explore, participate or just read here:

It’s a safe place to jump-start your heart, begin to believe in life again and take the journey you didn’t ask for or want but found yourself taking anyway.

Note: As much as Melody would love to respond to all comments, this sometimes isn't feasible with her busy schedule. Please feel free to leave a comment but do so knowing she will only be able to respond when she has some time away from writing. She does receive your comments and deeply cares about what you have to say so please do leave a comment if you are compelled to do so.

CAUTION: This is a public website and any comments made are visible to the public. To preserve your privacy, I highly recommend you post as an anonymous name. You can update your DISQUS settings by following these instructions.

  • Denise

    Oh .. how I missed this site!!! So happy to see this beautiful familiar angel. I want to jump up and down and cheer. I guess that might sound somewhat backward on a site about Grief.. now that I think about it. But it was the first place I found in 56 years (four years ago), where I was heard without judgement and I could simply say whatever I needed to say without being fixed. Because truth be told broken hearts may stop bleeding.. but fixed or put back together? As Melody has said, grief is a deeply personal, unique and sacred journey. One that we walk according to the ebb and flow of an unseen force we do not control. I am so glad your site is back Melody. Thank you!!

    • Thanks, Denise. I loved that site too, and am so happy it’s back. BTW, your participation is part of what made that site so good. I’m happy you’re back with us — whether to give or receive support, or both. Best,