Wait and See – Day 3

November 07, 2018

I’ve got to have him. Can’t live without him. It must be love.

Whoa. Just a minute. It’s only the second date. For many of us, learning to wait and see is a value that’s been hard-won.

Some of us thought waiting to see meant waiting to see whether the other person would choose us. Or we jumped in and then waited for the other person to be who we wanted him or her to be.

Once we see clearly, that person we were convinced we had to have may not even be someone we want. Life may be trying to point out something better than anything we could have chosen ourselves.

Challenge: It’s hard to calm down and live with the anxiety and uncertainty of saying, “I don’t know” when the unsolved mystery involves someone we love or something we want. Sometimes that mystery is minor, but the anxiety can make it feel big. Other times what we’re waiting to see affects our entire life course. Saying we’re going to wait and see can mean acknowledging the possibility of a loss.

Wait and see is more than a decision. It’s an act of faith.

From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

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