Colors – Day 5

January 04, 2019

Please don’t let our world—or your world—turn black and white. I know it’s tough grinding through emotions. I spent years crying every day after my son died. I hated it. But eventually I began to see the gift: at least I had loved so deeply and intensely that it broke my heart.

Action: These are things that help me get in touch with feelings: emotionally honest people, writing in my journal, good movies, good books. Exercising, especially yoga, helps me get unstuck. Acupuncture helps, too, when automatic pilot has set in. If you really get stuck, you may need professional help. Anger management classes and therapy are options too.

I believe the world will assist you with whatever you need. The right person or incident will come along to trigger you, poke you, help you feel. You might work hard to not feel, at first. But life is persistent. Some of those disruptive incidents are gifts to help you come back to life.

From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

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