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Fun and Games - Crossword Puzzles

Solve the Word Search Puzzles by finding and circling all words on the list. The leftover letters in the puzzle form a Mystery Sentence — a message from a Melody Beattie book.

The puzzles listed below are like mini self-help manuals. Cryptic Meditations. After finding the solution, even the circled words become clues to applying the Mystery Sentence to life. (And you don’t need to read the books to understand the puzzles.)

Enjoy — whether you play for fun or a distraction.


A site guest once commented that she appreciated reading my (archived) blog about the positive side of distracting ourselves. She’d worked for a doctor until a chronic illness and the accompanying pain ended her ability to work outside the home.

The doctor she’d worked for suggested they collaborate on a book about the importance of diversions and distractions for people living with or through chronic pain — whether physical, emotional or both.

Diverting and distracting ourselves from situations and problems we can’t fix (at least not yet) isn’t harmful or dysfunctional as long as we don’t live (permanently) in denial.

We don’t have to stare at our navel 24/7 to be conscious and aware, especially if staring at it hurts.
Some gals and guys just want to have fun. For others, a distraction can be just what the doctor ordered.

We have loads of puzzles already created; more coming if you like them.

Good luck and have fun as you begin with:

52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

New Codependency

The Language of Letting Go

Make Miracles in Forty Days

Codependent No More

More Language of Letting Go


*Revised puzzle due to previous error

The Grief Club

Journey to the Heart

Stop Being Mean to Yourself

Word Search puzzles created by P. Lee and L. Mattern.