Lighten Up

November 03, 2020

Lighten Up

The time for heaviness is past—heaviness of body, mind, spirit, and heart. That heaviness many of us felt was part of a time now gone. It’s time to lighten up.

“He was a different person,” she said. “Cheerful. Happy. Fun to be around. Things that used to bother him no longer did.” The woman was talking about her husband of only three years. She had dated him for a long time. Then after nearly dying of a heart attack, he was changed, transformed. They married and had the best three years of their lives before he died.

Those years were possible because he had learned to enjoy life, learned the value of love.

We don’t have to wait to open our hearts and enjoy life. We don’t have to wait to lighten up. We can do that now. We know that we can trust, that we can journey through each stage of our lives with open hearts, loving and living freely.

Let go of heaviness. Seek that which is light.
Gravitate toward joy. Your soul and body will
lead you, if only you will listen. Walk lightly.
Speak and laugh lightly, as much as possible.
Go lightly along your way.

From the desk of Melody Beattie
Originally posted May 15, 2015

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