See how it feels to do it right

July 09, 2018

In skydiving, there’s an activity called dirt diving. At the drop zone, you’ll see people lying on their bellies on contraptions that look like skateboards. They make all the moves on the ground as if they were free-falling through the air. They’re training their bodies and themselves to do it right. They’re experiencing how it feels to do it right.

Do you have something you’re trying to learn how to do? Are you struggling to let go of someone? Are you trying to do something for the first time—conquer your fear of flying or write a book? Do you have a meeting scheduled that’s causing you some strain? Maybe you need to approach your boss and ask for a raise.

See yourself doing it. Quiet yourself first by deliberately relaxing each part of your body and mind. Then imagine yourself doing it, whatever it is. See how it feels to do it right. Go into each detail of how you would feel if you were doing it right.

If you encounter a block that keeps you from moving forward smoothly in your visualization time, ask your Higher Power or yourself how to remedy or release that block. Do you have a fear that’s blocking you? Is it a new or an old fear? Maybe it’s concern over what somebody told you long ago about your inadequacy. Release that energy, then start all over again, seeing what it feels like to do it right. Keep at your visualization until you can go through the entire process smoothly, from beginning to end.

If you try but can’t imagine yourself doing something, much less see how it feels to do it right, maybe you’re trying to do something that’s not right for you. Ask your Higher Power for guidance about that, too.

Visualization can give us time to safely dirt-dive and work through awkwardness, fears, and potential blocks and problems. Sometimes spending quiet time trying to visualize how it feels to do it right can give us a message that either this is or isn’t the right time or thing for us.

God, help me use my mental powers to create the most positive scenes I can imagine taking place in my life.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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