Turn Problems into Challenges

March 12, 2019

Turn Problems into Challenges

“Why did you climb those mountains,” someone asked about my trip to China.

“Because they were there,” I said.

Action: There’s a fine line between having enough challenge that you roll up your sleeves and decide to do your best, and having so much pressure that you cave in.

You can use the energy from legitimate challenges to change, grow, and solve problems. Anger, frustration, and fear can be great motivators. Instead of being overwhelmed, maybe you can try to take an active interest in what you’re about to do.

If you are bored, you can create healthy challenges instead of self-sabotaging ones. Set new goals and dreams in relationships, at work, and in your spiritual life. Instead of picking a fight in a relationship, try setting a goal to grow closer to the person you love. Bored at work? Maybe you need to put more of yourself into your job, or learn something new, or change what you’re doing.

Most of us need something to push against. It’s harder when life’s events come out of the blue and push us. It’s one thing to be pushed against. It’s another to be pushed so hard we fall down and stay there. Maybe you could start getting up, just a little? If your problems have knocked you down, turn problems into challenges. Get back up on your feet and take them on.

From the desk of Melody Beattie
Originally posted October 26, 2014

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