A Note From Melody

If this is your first time to my site, “Welcome.”  If you’re an old friend returning, welcome back. The daily meditation app is repaired. We’ve added new links.  You’ll find other new apps, blog posts and more as we go along.

Have fun exploring and stay tuned.

Because I’m continuing to study screen writing (and working on a script), I won’t be on the site as much as before but I’ll continue to write blogs and check in and respond when I can.  Please comment or leave a message if you want.. I look forward to hearing from you again — or for the first time.


Faith is knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel — even if it’s turned off. Be back soon blogging away;…


She Said by Collective Soul  is my new “blog” song.  You can listen to it by clicking on it — or just ignore…

Daily Meditations

There’s a thermometer on my back porch. It tells me when it’s hot enough to go for a swim. Inside the house, there’s a thermostat. The thermostat not only tells us how hot or cold it is, but will actually do something about it as well. If the temperature gets too warm, the thermostat tells the air conditioner to cool...